About CHP

Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo  – We are a coalition of leaders in business, public health, law enforcement, grandparents, parents, families, and citizens. We believe the health and safety of our community is more important than the marijuana industry. Pueblo is not safer or healthier with a growing marijuana industry promoting and selling a harmful drug.

What Do We Want?

We want the PEOPLE to decide.  The citizens of Pueblo haven’t had the opportunity top make a serious, informed decision about pot in our communities.  The county commissioners claim there have been three votes, but they aren’t being square with us.

So why are they afraid of bringing this to a vote?  Because WE THE PEOPLE know how devastating pot has been and they know we’ll vote it out.

The county commissioners have been slack on the job and rather than seeking legitimate businesses and jobs for our graduating students, they’ve been happy to allow big money to run the show.

And what has it gotten us?  The highest crime rate in the state, constant dangers through over use of electricity and illegal hash oil production, draining the community dry of our natural resources, and EIGHT (so far) massive pot busts in our own neighborhoods.

Its time to take back our community!